Hennetec HQ PhotoPrint with affordable frame

HQ Photo Print with frame

Frame included is standard-size, which keeps the price down.
20x30 cm 8 x 12in HQ PhotoPrint with frame Cadre 662 Wide black alu.
20·30 cm / 8" x 12" HQ PhotoPrint with frame "Cadre 662 Wide black alu".

HQ PhotoPrint with frame offers an intensive accentuation of the motif and its colors. The framed print utilizes the combinations of our low cost standard-size frames and our high-quality printing capabilities.

The framed print comes with the glass type of the chosen frame type. It ensures stability, so you have an image that remains unchanged year after year.

The water-resistant pigments inks ensures that possible moisture or the like does not affect the print (some cheap posters can be damaged just by moisture from fingerprints). Should there be a stain on a HQ photo print, it can be removed by dabbing with a soft cloth dampened in plain water.

The photo print is made with a total of 12 pigment inks, which ensures the widest possible color gamut, sharp details and smooth transitions. Together with the satin photo paper the best of both matte and gloss papers are achieved - high contrast and few reflections.

All the frame types, that are available to this print type can be found under PhoRite frames.

Other frame sizes than these? Take a look at our XL PhotoPrint product range for custom size framed prints.

Sizes: HQ PhotoPrint with frame can be ordered in a number of sizese from 10·15 cm /4" x 6" to 30·45 cm / 12" x 18". All sizes are specified as the inner size of the frame, so the final size of the framed print is 1-3cm / 1/4"-2" larger than the print size, dependent of the frame type.

Delivery: HQ PhotoPrint with frame is shipped from us within 4 days from ordered. Most often, it is shipped within 24 hours from ordered.

Print quality: HQ PhotoPrint is printed with 12 pigment based inks for a wide color gamut, smooth fades and fine details.

Durability: A 10 year warranty is included with all HQ Photo Print products. The warranty covers that, if used in normal indoor conditions, no changes to the picture will occur - both in terms of the physical photo, the frame and that the colors will have no visible shift.

Prices: The price is dependent of the outer size and the frame type.

To see how a digital photo will look like as a HQ PhotoPrint, you can make an non-committing online testupload, where you can see the possibilities with your own photo.

You can also see the possibilities with this test image.

HQ PhotoPrint 15x21 cm A5  6x8inches with PhoRite frame 835 Mahogony
HQ PhotoPrint 15·21 cm (A5) / 6" x 8" with PhoRite frame 835 "Mahogony"