Hennetec HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate with border mat picture mount

HQ Photo Print Ultimate

Gallery quality framing, but is still affordable due to the use of standard-size frame.
HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate 21x30 cm 8x12in with PhoRite frame 838 Silver and black passepartout border mat
HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate 21·30 cm / 8" x 12" with PhoRite frame 838 "Silver" and black passepartout border mat.

HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate are true gallery prints, which gives the motif the best and longest lasting mounting. The picture is made by the book:

  • All materials are acid-free types
  • The passepartout border mat ensures that the print is proper ventilated.
  • The reflex free front glas protects the print from accidential impacts and similar.
  • A frame to ensure stability and extra protection.

The passepartout border mat is always custom made to each individual motif, which ensures that the motif aspect ratio is maintained even though the aspect ratio of the motif is different than the one of the frame. The passepartout border mat compensates for the difference as shown below and to the right. The passeparout border mat is available in white and matte black.

The reflex free frontglass protects the print from dust and moisture. In case of dust or dirt on the HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate, it can be easily removed by using a piece of damp cloth (non-abrasive).

The frame types available to HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate are the PhoRite frames. The use of standard-size frames ensures affordabe framing while maintaining the high quality.

If you're looking for print with custom size frames, take a look at our XL PhotoPrint series.

Sizes: HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate can be ordered in a number of sizes from 10·15 cm /4" x 6" to 30·45 cm / 12" x 18". The motif itself can be any size smaller than the frame.

Delivery: HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate is shipped from us within 4 days from ordered. Most often, it is shipped within 24 hours from ordered.

Print quality: HQ PhotoPrint is printed with 12 pigment based inks for a wide color gamut, smooth fades and fine details.

Durability: A 10 year warranty is included with all HQ PhotoPrint products. The warranty covers that, if used in normal indoor conditions, no changes to the picture will occur - both in terms of the physical photo, the frame and that the colors will have no visible shift.

Prices: The price is dependent of the outer size and the frame type.

To see how a digital photo will look like as a HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate, you can make an non-committing online testupload, where you can see the possibilites with your photo.

You can also the the options and possibilites with this test image.

HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate 21x30 cm  8 x 12 inches with PhoRite frame 672 Deep matte black and white passepartout border mat.
HQ PhotoPrint Ultimate 21·30 cm / 8" x 12" with PhoRite frame 672 "Deep matte black" and white passepartout border mat.